Whenever a person faces financial hardship, it’s easy to give up and walk away from their challenges. Financial hardship means that one is suffering in a situation in which they lack basic comforts and necessities of life and is, or potentially will be, "suffering" because they do not have enough money.  So ask yourself, have you ever avoided answering your phone because you don’t have an answer to give to your mortgage lender and/or creditors?  Have you attempted to negotiate with them to get absolutely nowhere, and then have them reject your request?


The economy has drastically changed over the last few years and a sudden explosion of homes are in and nearing foreclosure status which has directly led to the drastic depreciation in the value of real estate.... and the reality is, more than 5 Million homes have been lost to foreclosure. At Pacific National Law Center, with our experienced network of Attorney's, and many individual situations regarding hardships, we have been successful in helping our clients obtain favorable financial options with Loss Mitigation.

Pacific National Law Center has led the change against the foul practices of many lenders with one goal; make banks and their agents accountable for any prior misconduct.  Pacific National Law Center strives to assist those most critically impacted by the reckless lending practices of various institutions and private financing groups.


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